List of Departmental Officers

S/N Name Functions
1 DR. A. I. MOHAMMED Head of Department
2 PROF. E. F. ADENIYI Head, Measurement and Evaluation Section, & Asst. Dean Postgraduate
3 DR. Y. UMARU Postgraduate Coordinator
3 PROF. K. H. MAHMOUD Head of Educational Psychology Section
4 DR. J. O. BAWA Head of Guidance & Counselling Section, & 100L Course Adviser
5 DR. HADIZA A. TUKUR Departmental Examination Officer
6 MR. LUKA K. MAUDE Assistant Departmental Examination Officer
7 PROF. MUSA BALARABE Editor In Chief, Departmental Journal Publication
8 PROF. R. M. BELLO Chairperson, Departmental Journal Publication, Practicum Coordinator G&C, 400L Course Adviser
8 PROF. SANI SAMBO Member Departmental Journal Committee and 300L Course Adviser
8 DR. M.I. ABDULLAHI Departmental Registration Officer, Secretary Journal Publication Committee and 200L Course Adviser